Over the course of 2012, the cantaloupe industry worked dilligently with academic experts, federal and state regulators and scientists, scientific consultants and food safety experts from trade and consumer associations to create new "national" commodity specific guidelines for cantaloupes and other netted melons.  This website was used as a focal point to keep the industry and others informed and engaged in that developmental process and abreast of the evolution of a national guidance document.

We are pleased to be able to shift this site over from a forum that assisted industry to stay in touch with a developing document - to a website where the national and international cantaloupe community can find food safety resources, training and educational opportunities, exchange ideas and engage in an ongoing effort to continually improve food safety throughout the supply chain. 

The shifts in this site may be subtle as many of the prior links remain but are refocused. A few key changes include - the Resources page no longer has "working draft" documents available and all guidance and other documents linkwed there are available for use by industry as Resources designed to assist them in reviewing and implementing  individual food safety programs that are as protective as modern science and technology allow. The Events pages will be available for educators, trainers etc to advertise up-coming trainings, seminars, workshops and other forums that would be appliacble to cantaloupe producers, handlers or others.  The News page will carry announcements relevant to the National Guidance and any information directed specifically at the cantaloupe industry.

A new comment function has been established as a means of communicating with the coordinating team on the site and guidance.  We are encouraging feedback on the Guidance - and are committed to reviewing the document after the 2013 cantaloupe season and making any changes that improve the ease of use, claroity of language while ensuring the protections are not eroded in any way. We also are encouraging comment and feedback on what we could do to improve the site, the process etc.

Thanks to all for the progress to date!