The facilitation team includes: , Communications Director, (FPAA), , Chief Science and Technology Officer, (PMA) , Senior Vice President- Food Safety and Technology (UFPA), and , Senior Vice President-Science, Technology & Strategic Planning (WG).

These folks have broad experience with development of guidance across several commodities and will be able to leverage their experience to help construct guidance and to employ language that has been used in other guidance activities where appropriate. In addition they will help identify “key” issues for in-depth discussion as well as build consensus where necessary. The facilitation group will reach out to subject matter experts as needed to elicit expert opinion or data to help clarify issues and draw the best science to the project.

Intertox, a science and technical consulting firm with extensive experience in guidance development including a number of industry food safety projects (e.g. LGMA metric development, examination of LGMA auditing and educational opportunities, potato risk assessment and guidance development, apple industry risk assessment, green onion and cilantro guidance development, etc.) will serve as the “secretariat” and meeting organizer.

Western Growers has volunteered to manage and maintain the document going forward.  One of the major concerns with any industry guidance is ensuring that it keeps pace with science and industry learning.  Western Growers will be collecting comment dring the use of the document in 2013 and then conducting a series of industry discussions after the completion of the 2013 cantaloupe season to agree on needed editorial changes for the next year.